The smart ring for your health.

Discover the secret to a healthier life with Nanoring! From sleep to wakefulness, monitor your heart rate and oxygen saturation for personalized insights. Revolutionize your well-being with style.

The Ultimate Smart Ring

Discover the pinnacle of smart technology with our health tracking ring that’s so comfortable, you’ll hardly notice it’s on. Crafted from ultralight titanium, the Nanoring smart ring effortlessly conforms to any finger. Providing precise data on sleep patterns, skin temperature, blood oxygen levels, and heart rate, it offers a clear insight into your overall health.

Optimal Health, Ultimate Comfort.

Elevate your well-being with Nanoring, providing your body the exceptional care it truly deserves. Slip it on, and you’ll barely notice, thanks to its snug fit. Embrace continuous health tracking and enjoy an impressive battery life lasting weeks, ensuring Nanoring stands by you during hikes, work marathons, or moments of relaxation.

Long battery life

Over seven days

Tougher, Lighter

Made of Titanium

Water Resistance

100 meters

App IOS & Android

Updated IOS & Android app


The Nanoring ring seamlessly blends sophisticated design, cutting-edge technology, and individual wellness into a singular piece of jewelry. Access precise health information with ease and style, anytime and anywhere.

  • Monitor Sleep
  • Monitor Temperature
  • Monitor Heart Rate
  • Monitor HRV
  • Monitor Sports Activity
  • Monitor Workout
  • Monitor Blood Oxygen
  • Monitor Stress

Your Health Partner.

Explore the Nanoring App, where you can conveniently monitor all your Nanoring data in one central location. It is compatible with both Android and iOS, and it’s free forever.

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